Melbourne Home Movers

#1 in Google

#1 in Google

Melbourne Home Movers are an essential part of the social fabric of Melbourne.

I’m not sure of the exact stats, but people move home every 3 to 5 years on average. Of course, when they do move, they need movers to do it for them. Very few could do it themselves.

So if the population of Melbourne is say 3 million, and the average home has 3 occupants, that’s about 1 million households. If they move on average every 5 years, that’s 200,000 moves per year. So the market for Melbourne Home Movers is pretty strong and I expect the competition must be quite fierce.

#1 in Yahoo

#1 in Yahoo

That’s where this site brings amazing value to the right Melbourne home movers – here’s why…

When people plan to move home, one of the most used resources to find a suitable service is online search. At that point they are generally not looking for, and probably don’t even know of any brand names. They are simply looking to find several prospective movers to get quotes from. Having the best company-name branded site is useless unless it appears at the very TOP of the first page of search results and ONLY one site can be #1.

#1 in MSN

#1 in MSN

The #1 site gets some 42% of all clicks and the remaining 58% is shared between the other 9 search results giving an average of less than 7% each.

So if someone wants to move home what do they search for.. “home movers” of course, specifically “Melbourne home movers” (so as to not get results for movers in other parts of the country or world.)

Let’s do a little test:

Click on the “Rank Test” Tab above or go to and type —  Melbourne Home Movers — into the search box.

Who is #1?

This site?

Who are the top 10 Melbourne Home Movers that online searchers will find to get quotes from?

Which will they find first?

This site?

How well does your business rank amongst the top Melbourne Home Movers? (If you’re not on page 1, there’s very little chance visitors will even find you, and if you’re not #1 on the first page,  you’re probably getting only 5% of the business)

How many competing web pages are there, all wanting to be #1 for “Melbourne Home Movers”?
(See the Results at Top Right of your search page screen – 283,000 when I looked! Wow, that’s a LOT of competition you need to beat in order to be seen online)

Here’s the interesting thing… even if you want prospective customers to come to your company branded site, they can easily and automatically be redirected to there from this page. That’s why this site is so valuable – you can use it to CAPTURE MANY MORE PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMERS than your current site could ever do on its own.

It’s SO easy to beat the opposition when you work smart! And adding a top ranked site to your online presence is smart.

PS. also provides highly focused, hot leads to companies, by email daily. If you do not want to own a website, LeadLazer is an economical & very powerful alternative.

Feel free to contact Kerry Goodbrand for further information.

How would you like to rank AHEAD OF ALL of these professional removalists?

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Any one of these could choose to be #1 and be using this site to bring much more business to their own site, but…

ONLY ONE will enjoy the traffic from this #1 ranking domain and enjoy the additional business it brings.

Will that be you…. or one of your competitors?

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